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Low Speed Handpieces with light

LS2011 - Contra Angle Handpiece 1:1 (blue) with light

£235.00 All prices exclude vat and postage

. 1:1 transmission
. for removing carious material
. maximum operating speed 40.000 rpm
- internal spray
- low noise and vibration
- High quality stainless steel
- very long life

Take it in your hand and feel the excellent grip.
For good reasons the instrument is always very precise to handle. It has the right weight, not a gram too heavy or a gram too light.
During preparation, the pressure point on the tooth is exactly on the extrapolated axis of the contra-angle handpiece and thus prevents tilting of the instrument.

The two-part design makes it economic and flexible. Handpiece and the new MK-dent Instrument head LS9011 are quick, easy and safe connected.

Fits also for original KaVo* INTRAmatic* heads

The heads for the contra angle handpiece:

LS9011 - 1:1 transmission (blue)

£119.00 All prices exclude vat and postage

LS9021 - 2:1 transmission (green)

£119.00 All prices exclude vat and postage

Fits also in original KaVo* INTRAmatic* contra-angle handpieces.

*The MK-dent company or its products are in no way connected with the KaVo, Sirona and W&H company.

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